One of the top essential equipment of the office is printers. Everybody uses printers in any office for printing documents, resumes, reports, brochures, etc. And since it is one of the most used equipment in the office, it is crucial to be very thorough with the type of printer you should get so that it can handle and survive all the demands of the office.

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But with various shapes, sizes, and specifications it comes in, picking the one can be a confusing and daunting task. Also, some printers are designed to be suitable for different workspaces.

Therefore, it is crucial to find a printer that corresponds with your space to enjoy the best performing machine.

What Makes A Good Printer?

With dozens of amazing printers in the market and with various features available, making sure that you get an excellent printer comes down to determining the needs of your office.

First, understand your needs, and you will make no mistake in finding the best and the right printer.

Features You Should Look For In An Office Printer

Whether it is for large office space or a smaller business, it is always best to find a printer that can cope with managing multiple print demands throughout the day at a fast printing speed.

  • So if you’re looking for that go-to printer for the office, then the laser printer is a good option. Because they can cope with large volume printing, they are fast and are durable.
  • Also, you specifically need to check on the speed of the printer because it is an essential factor in a workspace where you do plenty of printings almost throughout the day. Unless you want to patiently wait while your printer prints out documents at a tortoise-like pace.
  • You also need to check what sort of printings you are mostly going to do. This is very important because there are printers that are designed to aim at specific features.
  • If your office needs the printer to print letters or spreadsheets occasionally, then a low-end laser printer or inkjet should work for you.
  • And if you need to print good quality photos and graphics, then there’s the option of a photo printer like the Inkjet printer specialized in superior printing quality.
  • And another feature you can’t miss out on is wireless printers, which is a necessity for offices of all sizes. Wireless printers provide enormous convenience and ease while working as it allows employees to print from their computer and don’t have to attach the printer to a computer.
  • A wireless printer offers many more useful benefits, such as it quickly lets you print even from your phones and tablets, which leads to efficient working experience.

And then there comes the question of whether to get a single-use function or the all-in-one printers.

  • A multifunction or an all-in-one printer is a combination of printer, scanner, copier, and some have fax too. And this multifunctional printer is also available both in laser printing and inkjet printing.

Although this is a convenient option to have, if you have a busy office, it would not be quite the ideal printer to get. Because for everyone to use a single machine to cope with their demands, like

  • copying, printing, scanning, etc. would get too overwhelming and messy.

Therefore in such scenarios, to simplify your job, you’d benefit more by getting a machine dedicated to a particular thing.

Inkjet Or Laser Printer For Office Use?

While both inkjet and laser printers pretty much do a great job as a printer, their result differs when it comes to document printing or printing high-quality color photos. And since an office prints a high volume of documents on a daily basis, a laser printer would be the better option because it could easily manage a more massive print load than compared to inkjet printers.

  • Laser printers are generally more expensive upfront but are a great money saver in the long run.
  • They use toner instead of ink, which is a more suitable option for high quantity printing and does not require frequent toner replacement.
  • So they’re much more money-saving in the long run. And the laser printer has a faster printing speed, which is ideal for an office set up.

Whereas if your office deals with more of photograph printing work, getting an inkjet printer would be the right choice.

  • Inkjet printer prints high-resolution color photos. You’ll also find options for inkjet printers that produce reasonable images or the ones that provide high-quality images.
  • However, these photo specialized printers do not perform so well on the usual text documents printing; they tend to have higher per-page cost and are slower in speed.
  • Also, note that cheaper inkjet printers have higher per-page costs.

So while choosing an inkjet printer, make sure that you choose them based on the price of ink cartridges.

Do Printer Store Information?

Most printers come with an in-built memory. What this memory does is it stores information from the computer’s print queue, and the printer prints them one after the other. Some printers do not have memory, but printers like inkjet and laser usually come with memory.

Since they store a queue of print commands from the computer, even if you continue using the computer for other work or playing games, the printing won’t slow down and continue printing at a reasonable speed.

However, this may raise concern for security risk if you’re using the printer to print confidential documents. But you don’t have to worry; there is a simple solution to this. You can simply clear the memory or reset them before you resell them to another user.


Therefore choosing the right printer for your office is less daunting if you first clearly determine the type of printer your office needs. Determine if your office usually produces an excessive number of printed materials, or does your office have a notable need to print high-resolution color photos, etc.

Thus, after determining the kind of printer you want, you can quickly and conveniently narrow down your search and enjoy a stress-free printer shopping.