Mufflers come in various shapes and sizes. Though it may not look much, these wonderful parts make quite the difference in the way your car sounds. For engines like the V8 that is mostly best suited for muscle cars, an excellent sounding muffler can go a long way in improving its performance and feel. If your motorcar has the ever smooth eight-cylinder piston heart, here you will find a great list of the best sounding mufflers for V8.

Best Sounding Mufflers for V8
Flowmaster 817568 Muffler
High Rated Mufflers for V8 with Good Sound
Flowmaster 52557 Super 50 Muffler - 2.50 Center IN / 2.50 Offset OUT - Moderate Sound, Black
Good Price on Mufflers for V8
Flowmaster 12512409 Super Hp-2 Muffler 2.50"In/Out 12" 409S
Flowmaster 817568 Muffler
Flowmaster 52557 Super 50 Muffler - 2.50 Center IN / 2.50 Offset OUT - Moderate Sound, Black
Flowmaster 12512409 Super Hp-2 Muffler 2.50"In/Out 12" 409S
Best Sounding Mufflers for V8
Flowmaster 817568 Muffler
Flowmaster 817568 Muffler
High Rated Mufflers for V8 with Good Sound
Flowmaster 52557 Super 50 Muffler - 2.50 Center IN / 2.50 Offset OUT - Moderate Sound, Black
Flowmaster 52557 Super 50 Muffler - 2.50 Center IN / 2.50 Offset OUT - Moderate Sound, Black
Good Price on Mufflers for V8
Flowmaster 12512409 Super Hp-2 Muffler 2.50"In/Out 12" 409S
Flowmaster 12512409 Super Hp-2 Muffler 2.50"In/Out 12" 409S

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What are mufflers?

For starters, mufflers are those parts in a car that mainly dampens the aggressive sounds produced by the vehicle’s engine piston and valves. As of now, different types of mufflers exist to create different qualities of sounds. Some of these dampen the noise to a great extent, while others maintain the aggressiveness with milder rumbles.

Mufflers come in different types like – Multiple Baffle Silencers, turbo silencers, straight through silencers, performance silencers, and silencer inlets.

Why do you need a good sounding muffler?

To most people, the sound of their vehicle makes it distinct and unique from others. And for anyone starting new in the community, it is best never to overlook what a genuine muffler does for your ride. Many automobile lovers focus on having the right muffler as it plays a significant role in their vehicle’s overall feel.

Some people prefer loud and rough sounds while others prefer it toned down. Here, the design of the mufflers impacts how your car sounds. And suitable sounding mufflers are never a waste to invest in. It is also quite an advantage as it makes long journeys much more comfortable in the car or vehicle. This is because mufflers are good at making for a quieter ride.

The reason why mufflers are worth your investment is mainly for its sound capability. Without these handy parts added to your ride, the engine’s loudness will be very hard to control. In most cases, this would lead to complaints from others who do not like the noise. And it can also lead to unwanted fines.

But the utility of the mufflers does not only stop there. It is also suitable for increasing the overall horsepower of the engine. This is possible because the muffler, depending on its design and build, allows for better airflow. The improvement of airflow also helps in reducing the backpressure exerted on the engine. It aids the vehicle in increased responsiveness(throttle response), which increases the power output of the engine.

Moreover, the addition of a good aftermarket muffler improves the efficiency of the automobile’s engine. With this bonus, you can either drive faster or increase the fuel economy of your vehicle. The quality of the muffler can even be a deciding factor that makes or breaks your road presence.

But above all, the quality of the sounds produced through the muffler is what matters most. Thus, in this list, we focus on the best sounding mufflers that go well with V8 engines.

The list includes mufflers from the best brands available for all types of personal requirements. Whether you want more rowdy and aggressive tones or appreciate it to be more subtle and damp, we have carefully considered every liking. Hence, this list presents you with a compilation of the best models for each type of preference.

Further, we will provide you with a helpful buyer’s guide. This guide will help you choose the muffler that best suits your needs. It is so that you need not get confused about the various options available in the market.

Buyer’s Guide – What to look for when buying mufflers

Here are a couple of pointers you need to know before picking a muffler for your preference.

  • Compatibility

Different mufflers are designed for different vehicles. Some are better for small cars, while others are built for strong performance cars and so on. Thus, you must make sure that you purchase the muffler compatible with your vehicle before buying one. If you are in search of the best sounding mufflers that go well with V8s, the list provided will take care of your best possible options.

  • Sound preference

Are you a fan of loud and aggressive tones? Or do you prefer mild and passive tones? Or do you want a little bit of both? Depending on these choices, you can narrow down to specific mufflers that deliver the performance you need.

  • Quality

Buying mufflers online without really testing them can be a risky task. One has to go along with the process of going through plenty of items. This process can often be confusing, and judging the muffler’s quality can be just as hard.

Luckily, for the particular V8 engines, we compiled only these mufflers that will sound the best for your rides. Hence, you only need to pick from amongst the chosen products.

  • Price

One of the highest deciding factors of a product is its price. Most of us don’t spend too much, yet we don’t want anything that would rip us off either. It’s useful to know that overly cheap mufflers are not encouraged to be bought.

In this list, we have considered all the previously mentioned points. These are the best sounding mufflers, and their prices are also varied. The price variation is so that you can pick quality mufflers at different price ranges.

List of the best sounding mufflers for V8

1. Flowmaster 817568 Mufflers for V8

Image of Flowmaster 817568 Mufflers for V8

Flowmaster is one of the best brands that manufacture high-quality mufflers. Hence, to start this list, we have included their 817568 models.

It includes a genuine stainless steel construction and is dyno tuned. This muffler is among the top performers on the list as it is quite durable, lasting, and is worth the money.

As for sounds, it has a mild rumble and gives a guaranteed boost to the way your V8 should sound. The muffler is also designed to fit easily so that it reduces your installation work. There are no droning sounds, and it is on the moderately aggressive tone levels. And additionally, it increases the overall performance of your car.


  • Easy to install
  • Well balanced sounds
  • Performance efficiency
  • Well-built and lasts longer


  • Can be costly

2. Flowmaster 527504 2.75” In(D)/ 2.5” V8 Mufflers

Picture of Flowmaster 527504

Another great muffler is Flowmaster 527504. It is a perfect choice for the ones who enjoy the big block sound. The muffler is not too mild, but it does not get deafening either.

Additionally, it improves the efficiency of the engine, its horsepower, and also the torque. The MIG welding of this muffler makes it one of the most durable on this list.


  • Amazing big block sounds
  • No droning issues
  • Improved fuel economy

3. Flowmaster 52557 2.5 In(C) and Out(O) 50 series Muffler SUV V8 pf

Photo of Flowmaster 52557 2.5 In(C) and Out(O) 50 series Muffler SUV V8 pf

The Flowmaster 52557 is the best pick if you own a large displacement vehicle. The muffler has one of the least interior resonance and is also patented with delta flow technology.

It also comes with a universal fitting, which makes it easier to install. Torque and mileage are also efficiently controlled. All in all, this would be our pick for a daily driver as it delivers outstanding performance at a more affordable range.


  • Great exterior
  • Minimal interior resonance
  • Increased torque


  • None

4. Flowmaster 12512409 SuperHp-2 Muffler 2.50” In/Out 12”409S

Image of Flowmaster 12512409

If you want a good stainless-steel constructed muffler that does not break your bank, the Flowmaster 12512409 Super Hp-z is the deal to go for.

This muffler features dyno tuning for better performance and has Laminar Flow technology, increasing exhaust efficiency and reducing interior droning.

The tones from this muffler are on the louder end. This is a great choice if you enjoy road presence as it will definitely turn some heads.


  • Aggressively dominant sounds
  • Compact and durable high performance
  • More affordable


  • Long journeys may be annoying due to the loudness.

5. Borla 400286 ProXS Muffler Metallic 4 inch

Picture of Borla 400286 ProXS Muffler Metallic 4 inch

Borla is also another great company that manufactures suitable mufflers. Their range of mufflers is both of good quality and affordability.

As for the Borla 400286 ProXS, its main features include all-welded responsiveness and more horsepower. At low speeds,

 it sounds mild with some rumbles, while higher speeds still guarantee the V8 sound with less to no drone. 


  • Maximum engine efficiency
  • Good street performance
  • Universal fitting
  • Long-lasting


  • None

6. Walker 21576 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

Photo of Walker 21576 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

Walker is another genuine company that manufactures 100% stainless-steel mufflers. Their mufflers are suitable for both imported and domestic vehicles.

The Walker 21576 is our choice when it comes to long-lasting mufflers. It is both corrosion resistant and built to last long. This muffler is one of the quietest on the list due to its OE-style designed louvered tubes. If you prefer mufflers that dampen the engine sounds to a great extent, we recommend the Walker 21576 Quiet-Flow.


  • Easy to install
  • Has Resistance to corrosion
  • Built for long-lasting usage
  • Highly developed sounds

7. Flowmaster 942546 Super 44 Muffler

Image of Flowmaster 942546 Super 44 Muffler

The Flowmaster 942546 is one of the most aggressive mufflers on this list. It is also more budget-friendly than previous products.

This muffler features a wildly aggressive exhaust tone along with interior resonance. The two chambers add to the overall bass tone. It is also patented with delta flow technology and features a universal fit.

If you are out in search of a low budget muffler that can still produce the deep rumble and aggressiveness, this is the product for sure.

The only negative to it is that it is not as durable as the other mufflers liked previously.


  • Fantastic Aggressive tones
  • No drone issues
  • Affordable

8. MagnaFlow 12219 Exhaust Muffler

Picture of MagnaFlow 12219 Exhaust Muffler

MagnaFlow delivers performance mufflers that are applicable in various automobiles. They manufacture universal fit mufflers that have both style sound and efficiency.

MagnaFlow 12219 is made of stainless steel, which means that it is highly corrosion-resistant. This particular muffler is developed to have a deep-toned sound.

If your budget cannot extend beyond 150 dollars, this muffler is recommended for those who prefer a low and deep-toned V8.


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Deep and throaty sounds
  • Zero drone issues

9. Flowmaster 942445 2.25 In(C)/ Out(c) Super 44 Series Muffler

Photo of Flowmaster 942445

Last but not least is the Flowmaster 942445. This is the most budget-friendly muffler among the rest, but its price does not lower its performance.

Built with improved two-chamber and Delta Flow technology, the muffler delivers high performance while still saving your budget. As long as you prefer a muffler that has deep and aggressive exhaust notes coupled with interior-resonance, this is our best pick for you.

The tone from this muffler is quite deep and features an aggressive growl. Moreover, it also improves the exhaust efficiency and is relatively simple to install.


  • Easy installation
  • Deep growl tones

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best sounding muffler?

The list given above contains the best sounding mufflers in the market. If we were to choose the best muffler among them all, it would be the Flowmaster 817568. This muffler comes with every feature that we consider top quality.

It is designed for heavy use and built to last. The tones from it also give out a dominating yet not overly obnoxious sound. Its easy fit installation is also a bonus point and adds to its utility.

But all in all, picking the best muffler can vary from person to person. This variation of taste is due to the fact that different people have particular preferences and likes. Hence, we do advise you to know your personal preference before choosing any of these mufflers.

Is an excellent sounding muffler necessary?

Definitely a yes. The sound of your car is one of its best distinctions from other vehicles. Most of us like to be unique in the things we do, and indeed this follows for our personal cars too.

Different mufflers produce different tones. The MagnaFlow 12219 is deep and throaty, while the Walker 21576 is mild and quiet. Installing an excellent sounding muffler is not only a preference but a necessity. A muffler delete is possible, but the loudness of the engine will be highly annoying. It could land you in trouble.

Based on your preferences, you can go for a mild and softer muffler or go all the way to aggressive growls (but still being having loudness that is bearable).

Which is the muffler for lower budgets?

If you want to pick the best budget muffler from this list, we can recommend two of our best budget picks- The Flowmaster 942546 Super 44 Muffler and Floormaster 942445 Super 44 series. Out of these two mufflers, you can go for any one that suits your personal taste.

The first muffler, The Floormaster 942546 Super 44 Muffler, is one of the best in terms of aggressive sounds, and it also does not hurt your wallet. The muffler also comes with beneficial features like the Universal Fit, Delta Flow technology, a great deep rumble, etc. It will be readily available between seventy to ninety dollars in online stores.

The only setback you will have to consider is its durability. This muffler at its best will last you for eight months minimum.

The second pick, The Floormaster 942445 Super 44 series muffler, comes with features like two-chamber efficiency, ease of installation, etc. It has aggressive tones and a deep growl. A classic choice of many enthusiasts. It will usually be available between seventy to a hundred dollars.

Which muffler gives the best horsepower and torque?

The nine mufflers on the list all deliver a good increase in horsepower and torque. But if we had to choose from amongst these picks, it would narrow down to the Flowmaster 12512409 Super Hp-2 and the Flowmaster 527504 50 series muffler.

The Flowmaster 12512409 is a great choice for sound and quality. It is also affordable compared to other costlier mufflers. This model has good durability and is dyno tuned. It means that your car’s horsepower can increase by forty or even more, depending on how good the tuning is.

The Flowmaster 527504 is also a favored choice as it is highly durable and is the best choice for large displacement vehicles. It improves horsepower, torque, and overall efficiency of the engine. The only setback could be its price as it can get a little costly ($190-$250).

Which mufflers are suitable for daily driving?

For most of us, we buy cars, not for occasional use but everyday driving. In such cases, durability, along with quality, is a must requirement.

Considering these needs, The Floormaster817568 is a fantastic choice as this muffler is an all-rounder in all fields, i.e., performance, efficiency, sound, and durability. Since you are looking for durability as the main, we can assure you that this muffler is worth its price.

You can also opt for the Walker 21576, which is relatively cheaper than the Flowmaster 817568. This muffler also guarantees durability, and it also has a 100% stainless steel construct. Corrosion will be minimal to none, and its other features are also worth its price.