Best High-End Pocket Knife
Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River 15085-201, Gold Class Collectors Knife, Made in The USA
Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River 15085-201, Gold Class Collectors Knife, Made in The USA
Best High-End Pocket Knife
Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River 15085-201, Gold Class Collectors Knife, Made in The USA
Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River 15085-201, Gold Class Collectors Knife, Made in The USA

When it comes to the best high-end pocket knives, there are different people who view it differently. Some say it’s too dangerous, or not safe to carry a pocket knife. There is another group of people who might say it makes you look like thugs or the bad guys. Well, as I already mentioned, all of us have a totally different way of seeing and understanding things around us.

Regardless of our view about pocket knives, we cannot ignore the fact that pocket knives are an essential Every day Carry or EDC, which everyone needs (even the pocket knife haters). If you’re a frequent outdoor goer, or you’re an adventurous person who loves spending a lot of time in the wild, you probably have realized how important it is to carry a reliable pocket knife.

I think it’s not only the outdoor goers who need the best high-end pocket knife. If you don’t agree, I want you to think of those times when you needed a sharp tool to open a package, cut fruit, or trim your clothes. Those are some of the uses of a pocket knife. Although this handy tool is not as popular as it used to be in the past, it’s apparently gaining traction in the last few years. It’s slowly becoming more and more popular, and people realize its importance. 

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Why do you need a pocket knife?

There are numerous benefits to carrying a razor-sharp pocket knife in your pocket. There is no other tool that is as versatile as a knife. You can use it to perform a lot of things, and even use it as a self-defense weapon in times of danger. From a woodcarver to a soldier, farmers, outdoorsman, and many more, everyone can make good use of a pocket knife in a lot of different ways.

There are hundreds of ways you can make use of these EDC tools. Here are some unbeatable reasons why you need a pocket knife.

  1. As a survival tool in the wild.

You probably understand what this means if you are used to camping outdoors. There is no other better tool to carry around while camping or hiking. Of course, there are larger tools like a machete, which can perform a similar task. But these tools are not the best in terms of portability. They won’t fit in your backpack. 

This is why a pocket knife is the best tool in the wild. Whether you go fishing or hunting, a pocket knife is a must.

  • For protection.

No, pocket knives are not supposed to be used as weapons. But if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can use it as a weapon to fend off the attackers.

  • First aid.

Injury can happen anytime, and you won’t be walking around with a first aid kit wherever you go. But you can make use of the pocket knife to cut a piece of cloth to wrap it around the wound, cut the bandages if you have any, or remove splinters.

  • Opening packages.

Nowadays, the majority of us order things online. These products usually come well packaged. With a pocket knife, you can easily split open the packages. Also, pocket knives can be used to open canned foods at home or in the wild while camping.

How good is a Benchmade brand?

Benchmade is an American knife manufacturing company that was founded in 1979. The company has been collaborating with other knife manufacturers. It has some of the most reputed knife designers across the world as its partners. It’s even sold its products to the military and law enforcement.

Today’s review is about the Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River.

The best high-end pocket knife

Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River Pocket Knife

Image of the Benchmade Gold Class Mini Crooked River Pocket Knife

If you’ve used at least one of Benchmade’s knives in the past, you know exactly how good the quality of the blades can be. In a world of pocket knives, Benchmade is one of the most respected brands in the world. I’ve always been a great fan of this fantastic knife company. When I heard of this model, I decided to test it. As usual, the results were more than satisfactory. Or let’s say it is what you’d expect every Benchmade knife to be like. This review is the result of those tests.

This pocket knife has a unique look. Although there is nothing special about the design, the way this knife looks is absolutely amazing. The blade, in particular, is absolutely stunning, thanks to its Vinland pattern finish.

Its handles are made up of marbled carbon fibers, which not only add a lot of beauty to the appearance of the knife. But it also ensures that it adds a lot more strength and toughness to the structure of the knife.

The blade is 3.40 inches with a thickness of 2.289 millimeters. To put the sharpness of the blade to the test, I used the knife to cut a lot of different things, including water jugs, soda bottles, watermelons, cardboard, etc., and I could cut it all effortlessly.

The blade did not lose razor-like sharpness even after cutting about a dozen soda bottles and water jugs, which thrilled me. To test its toughness, I also tried splitting some smaller firewood logs with the help of a wooden hammer. And yes, it really can withstand a lot of abuse.

Similar to other pocket knives, it comes with a pocket clip and folding mechanism which conceals the blade when it’s folded. It also acts as a safety device. Once the blade is closed, you can safely lock the blade in place with a small lock that is located on the handle. Another cool thing is that this knife has a glass breaker at the handle.

It’s been a couple of months since I owned this cool Benchmade knife. So only time will tell, where the durability is concerned. But I doubt I will be disappointed. 

A lot of people think that Benchmade products are too pricey. But when we look at the quality of the products, they’re absolutely worth it.