What is the best gift you can give your loved ones? Latest gadgets, expensive jewelry, trendy clothes, or money? No! The best thing you can give is a life filled with memories of laughter and adventure. What better way to do it than surprising them with a stunning little bike. To help you do that, here we have listed our suggestion about the best 24-inch bikes for girls.

Best overall 24-inch bikes for girls
Huffy Beach Cruiser Bike Girls 24-inch Bicycle for Kids
Good looking 24-inch bikes for girls
Kulana Lakona Shore Youth Beach Cruiser Bike, 24-Inch Wheels, Single Speed, Blue/Coral (R1751AZ)
Most Popular 24-inch bikes for girls
Schwinn Destiny Womens Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed, 24-inch Wheels, Purple
Huffy Beach Cruiser Bike Girls 24-inch Bicycle for Kids
Kulana Lakona Shore Youth Beach Cruiser Bike, 24-Inch Wheels, Single Speed, Blue/Coral (R1751AZ)
Schwinn Destiny Womens Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed, 24-inch Wheels, Purple
Best overall 24-inch bikes for girls
Huffy Beach Cruiser Bike Girls 24-inch Bicycle for Kids
Huffy Beach Cruiser Bike Girls 24-inch Bicycle for Kids
Good looking 24-inch bikes for girls
Kulana Lakona Shore Youth Beach Cruiser Bike, 24-Inch Wheels, Single Speed, Blue/Coral (R1751AZ)
Kulana Lakona Shore Youth Beach Cruiser Bike, 24-Inch Wheels, Single Speed, Blue/Coral (R1751AZ)
Most Popular 24-inch bikes for girls
Schwinn Destiny Womens Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed, 24-inch Wheels, Purple
Schwinn Destiny Womens Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed, 24-inch Wheels, Purple

Biking is great for both physical and mental health and life-saving for our environment. It can be a phenomenal experience for anyone if you get your hands on the right bike. 

The above reasons are enough to motivate anyone to go and pick-up a bike. However, that’s not all that bike rides have to offer. Research says that children who ride a bike to school can focus in class for longer. It is a lifesaver for parents. Now you don’t have to worry about all those lifts for classes.

So this article is here to help you find your ‘soul adventure partner’ at a sweet price range.

When talking about bikes, some added features can make a lot of difference in comfort. These do not have to be hidden, complicated features. They are usually noticeable in plain sight. But who in the world would have the time to go around comparing the features of bikes.

Here we listed the best 16-inch bikes for bikes: https://www.bestof.info/best-16-inch-bikes-for-girls/

Buyer’s Guide – What to look for when buying a 24-inch bike

Save yourself the trouble and go through this simple yet effective buyers’ guide for the right bike – 

Age-appropriate – well, it is possible to get all excited about the latest models of bikes out there. Don’t end up getting a bike which is a little too complicated for the young riders. It should not be of the wrong size. Going for an age-appropriate product is the right choice. It is usually available in the product description section.

Purpose – why are you getting the product? Is it for a vacation, some adventurous trip, or to get into cycling? Clearing this out can greatly help you to end up with a premium product according to your needs. 

Quality saddle – this sounds very simple but going for a bike with good quality seat is essential. The padded seat helps give extra comfort to the riders. Also, wider seats create more chafing and friction when you paddle for a long time. The thinner saddle is better for biking. Spring saddles help to deal with stubborn bumpy trails.

Easy to assemble – many adults feel that assembling a bike is no big deal, but it is! Don’t ditch the instruction manual. ‘DIY’ is not the best way to go here. If the bike comes pre-assembled or semi-assembled, it gives you added reasons to go for it. If you are getting it online, see that they assist in assembling the bicycle when it arrives. The company should provide adequate customer support.

Steel frame – with the right care, a well-made steel frame can last for very long. You can easily clean it using plain soap and water. The use of steel makes it a durable product for outdoor fun.

Handlebar – it should have a good grip and must be easy to reach. Having a raised handlebar with soft grips help provide an upright riding position. This is beneficial for your posture. If you are looking to go on mountainous trails, bikes with low handlebars are great.

Feet on the paddle – when sitting on the bike, your feet should easily be able to rest on the paddle and ground. Your knee should not feel a large amount of tension.

Adjustable seat height – having an adjustable seat height extends the life of the bike. As the child grows in height, this adjustable seat feature comes in handy. Adjustable seat height can save some extra bucks for you.

Wheels – wheels and their rims should be of excellent quality as it is important for safety. For cruising through the street, flat tires are excellent, but in the mountains, go for wider tires with waffle treads. Also, alloy wheel rims are lighter, and hence it provides for quick acceleration and stopping. Since it’s lighter, it puts a lesser strain on spring. Steering and cornering abilities are significantly higher in bikes using alloy rims.

Extra added features – this may not look like much, but extra added features can improve the convenience of use. The extra features are like the attached baskets on the bike, warranty cards, bells, rear rack, etc. These features make the bike ride more enjoyable. Adding such extra touches do come at a cost. Thus having such features makes a welcomed addition to any purchase.

Suspension – some people are too sold on suspension, but a bike can work fine without a suspension. However, if you plan to take on some tough terrain or tracks, it is better to go with it. Other than that, for regular bike rides, it is completely fine even without one.

Check for brakes’ quality – coaster brakes are considered better than bikes with standard brakes in the market.

Customer reviews – someone else’s pain can be your gain. Going through reviews about the product and viewing what others have to say about the products can give you some helpful insights. 

It is likely that you will end up with a happy purchase.

Backed up with all these facts, without wasting much time, let’s jump straight into products.

List of the best 24-inch bikes for girls

1) Huffy Beach Cruiser 24-inch Bikes for Girls

Image of Huffy Beach Cruiser 24-inch Bikes for Girls

This stunning 24-inch bike is a perfect gift for any girl. It is designed from every angle to give the riders the best comfortable experience while having all the fun.

It is a classic cruiser bike with an extremely durable steel frame. Now we all know how important a saddle is for a joyous ride. The padded spring saddle will see that comfort is never compromised even on bumpy highways.

For those spurting little ladies, the quick alloy release will help you with the seat height adjustment. The solid grip handlebars ensure that your cruise down the beach is well worth it. The perfect fit frame helps the riders to have an upright riding position.


  • It has an easy seat height adjustment for riders of all sizes.
  • Padded seat ensures the best riding experience.
  • The steel frame gives long life and durability.

2) 24-Inch Girls Margaritaville Island Life Multi-Speed Bike

Picture of 24-Inch Girls Margaritaville Island Life Multi-Speed Bike

The magnificent coral/green Margaritaville Island Life bicycle will make all girls feel like a flowery princess. The beautiful coral and green hue with flower patterns and design with a basket make it convenient for everyday use.

Going to school or for an errand could never have been this stylish.

The deliberate addition of raised handlebars and comfortably padded seat takes the meaning of a comfortable ride to the next level. Don’t stop yourself from going out for a fun ride along with your best friend. There is plenty of space for two on this bike with an additional coral rear seat.


  • It includes a beautiful removable wired basket.
  • The considerate inclusion of a metal backseat is highly appreciated.
  • Raised handlebars help in getting an upright riding position.

3) Huffy Cruiser 24 Inches Girls Bikes

Photo of Huffy Cruiser 24 Inches Girls Bikes

Going for a cruise on this huffy cruiser bike will be a delightful experience for any rider. This premium bike with a sturdy body and a glossy finish is something you would never get tired of.

This bike comes in multiple colors and sizes, making for a delightful purchase experience. The generously padded seat with embroidered flower prints on the seat will make you feel like a proud owner. The dual spring in the seat absorbs all unnecessary shocks for a smoother ride.

Go for a worry-free ride on a rainy monsoon day with its splash-proof fenders, raised handlebars, and a dependable coaster brake. You will never be disappointed with this exquisite purchase.


  • The dual springs in the saddle help to absorb all shocks effortlessly.
  • A steel frame with a warranty makes the purchase of this bike a must.
  • Soft grip handlebars with dual density, two-toned Kraton grip.


  • It does not provide a basket for the bike.

4) Schwinn Baywood 24 Inch Cruiser Girls Bike

Image of Schwinn Baywood 24 Inch Cruiser Girls Bike

The Schwinn Baywood Cruiser bike is your perfect partner for all adventures, a friend for all seasons. You don’t have to wait on anyone anymore. Just hop on this bike and ride to wherever you want. 

It is a perfect product to de-stress yourself while running through all necessary errands on a flat and paved surface. The addition of matching fenders will make sure that your bike is dry in style.

Carry all those extra goodies with a rear rack at the back.

Style, comfort, and relaxation! You have it all. And don’t worry! Your safety is and will never be compromised with the use of the superior coaster brakes. The padded cushions and raised handlebars set the bar up and high for the bikes.


  • The extra rear rack for your belongings makes it a fabulous product for use.
  • Matching fenders keep you safe from the rainy inconvenience.
  • The rare coaster brakes ensure extra safety for the user.


  • They have limited color options.

5) Schwinn Destiny Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike, 24-inch Wheels

Image of Schwinn Destiny Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, 24-inch Wheels

Schwinn Destiny Women’s Beach Cruiser bike would be a dream come true for any girl. Going around for a ride on this bike on a beautiful sunny day will be a treat.

Everything is first class, from the soft padded spring saddle to the beautiful basket and a useful cargo rack. The classic handlebars with superior coasting brake and easy paddling will make your ride to school the best thing every morning.

The alloy rims ensure durability and dual fenders and keep you clean and dry from every angle. This classy bike makes sure that you have the most dynamic and rewarding outdoor lifestyle. Get fit elegantly with this bike.


  • Front and back fenders give you a bonus from both ends.
  • The alloy rims give the wheel some additional years to life.
  • Elegant flower print details have been included thoughtfully.
  • The case rack with a wooden finish gives it a warm homely vibe.

6) Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

Picture of Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

Schwinn high timber youth and adult mountain bike stand for durability and control at its very best. Whether you are young or old, but this mountain bike is a great fit for all. 

It provides a great variety of colors, and sizes are available for different age groups. The sturdy steel frame and premium built makes it an excellent product for an adventurous ride on mountain trails. Stopping this bike is smooth because of alloy linear-pull hand brakes and a mechanical disc brake. Quick gear change becomes a trouble-free movement with the use of 21-speed twist shifters.

Pack your bags and hop on this great gleaming bike for a ride through the hilly mountain trails or your neighboring streets.


  • It has a variety of color options for you to pick from.
  • Alloy linear-pull hand brakes are a welcomed addition.
  • Alloy wheels help to give extra stability.


  • This bike has no rear racks to keep your belongings.

7) Kulana Lakona Youth and Adult Beach Cruiser Bike 

Photo of Kulana Lakona Youth and Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

This bike has such a casual and carefree vibe about it. The vintage surf style makes this a trendy item to possess. Sturdy build and steel frame are additions that make it perfect for a ride along the beach. The colorful fenders make sure to protect you from untimely splashes of water and dust.

A distinct feature is a saddle with a large spring, protecting you from unwanted bumps on the way. The variety of sizing options makes it easier to find the perfect fit.

With perfect grip features and a colorful design, the raised handlebar will make you the trendiest biker on the block.


  • Multi-color design gives the bike a modern edge.
  • An extra-large spring saddle is a thoughtful addition.
  • The use of a rear coaster pedal brake helps in intuitive stopping during emergencies.


  • Additional features like a basket and ring bells are absent.

8) Huffy Mountain Bike Girls Incline 24-inch Bicycle, Pink 

Image of Huffy Mountain Bike Girls Incline 24-inch Bicycle, Pink

This Huffy mountain bike shouts ‘pink power’ from every angle. It has an excellent quality of durable steel for the frame. The 18-speed, twist shifting system makes sure that you can easily shift gears with ease. The high-quality front suspension fork enables a smooth ride even on tricky trails with unavoidable bumps.

It is a great beginner product if you are an aspiring cyclist. Alloy quick release helps you according to your requirements for quick seat adjustments. You can park this modern, sleek bike very comfortably with the kickstand that comes along with this product. This product will be a great purchase for anyone.


  • The solid steel frame makes it a durable product for everyday use.
  • Suspension fork reduces the impact of bumpy trails.
  • The glossy finish gives it a clean look.


  • The extra backseat is absent.

9) Roadmaster 24” Granite Peak Girls’ Bike

Photo of Roadmaster 24” Granite Peak Girls’ Bike

The Roadmaster 24-inch Granite Peak Girls’ bike is a smart and reliable bike for any adventurous soul. It is an excellent product you can rave about all day long. The white finish of the product gives a premium feel to it. To note here is that it’s traditionally built with a suspension fork, which smooths out all bumpy paths. The 18-speed twist-style calls for the effortless transition on trails.

The tires are deliberately designed for all kinds of fury paths. You can see lightweight aluminum rims in wheels, helping you get a breezy flow in the ride. For extra safety, it has inbuilt front and rear hand brakes. The riders can easily control all movements in this product.

It is a classy-looking bike with some sassy features.


  • Front and rear hand brakes are unique additional features.
  • Premium wheel designed for smooth running under all conditions.
  • It has a clean finish.


  • Lack of multiple color options.

10) Guardian Kids Bike Etho 

Image of Guardian Kids Bike Etho

Guardian kids bike Ethos is the safe and perfect all-weather friend for you. It is here to fill your life with adventure in style. The multiple color options and variety in size help you get the best of choice out there. Your ride will be 44% safer, faster, and powerful because of one brake lever controls on both wheels. These features make sure to stop all unwanted accidents.

Parents will love the kid’s specific geometry designs. The design is such that it puts your child lower to the ground, while the extended wheelbase improves the rider’s stability.

Created with a lightweight design, you will get control and stability at its peak. When talking about your safety, it leaves no stone unturned as every bike goes through the 34 point safety check.

All these amazing features make this one of our favorite products.


  • The 34 point safety check ensures safety and security for riders.
  • One brake lever helps kids to stop 44% faster.


  • It has no rear rack to carry belongings.

11) Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike, purple satin, 24″ 

Picture of Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike, purple satin, 24

There is no way to not fall in love with this royal looking satin bike. You cannot stop complimenting this whole package deal product. It has great styling with a glossy finish to it.

The perfect fit frame and raised handlebar with dual density grip will make you a confident rider. It will reduce the stress from the wrist, arms, and neck. One feature to love is the padded seat, which has been deliberately backed up to have a lower entry of gravity. The paddle has been designed carefully to help extend your legs forward while paddling.

The additional accessories included are the adorable wired front basket, rear rack, and your very own cup holder.


  • It has thoughtful paddle placement for comfortable leg movement.
  • The handlebar is with a dual intensity grip for a comfortable hold position.
  • Beverage or cup holder shows their considerate designing for the comfort of the user.

12) Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Photo of Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Bike lovers go crazy after this teal-green, sturdily built beach cruiser bike. The classy teal with blackout styling could be alone enough to get this product without a second thought. However, the manufacturer did not stop there and included excellent features to make it a sweeter deal.

The single-speed cruiser is perfect for some casual riding down the street. Its stylish frames are built using high-quality steel. Adding to the raised handlebar is the inclusion of high-density foam grips, giving comfort with style at its best.

The use of a dual-spring saddle with large waffle tread tires helps in effortless gliding. Pedal backward coaster brakes are used to give you a show-stopping halt. Do not worry about your belongings as this bike comes with a matching blackout rear rack.


  • The bike has a modern feature and sleek finish.
  • Includes a rear rack to take along your belongings.
  • A high-density foam grip in handlebars helps to relax your arms.


  • There is an absence of a basket in the product.

13) Huffy Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike, Sky Blue 

Picture of Huffy Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike, Sky Blue

Huffy 24” Panama Jack beach cruiser bike is an eye candy loaded with delicate details and yummy accessories. Available in 6 varieties of colors, you will be drooling over this bike.

Hop on your bike, and you are good to go for a perfect solo picnic trip. The wicker basket, beverage holder, rear rack, and bottle opener make any ride delightful.

Say goodbye to tired arms because the sweptback handlebars ensure that your comfort is never compromised. The cork-style grips for handlebars make your ride more enjoyable. The use of a lightweight aluminum frame adds up to your paddling power effortlessly. Their rear coaster brake is super reliable, stopping easily with a simple back paddle.

The ride will be a smooth glide as the dual spring ensures that all bumps are out of notice. Its delicate and robust design is here to entice you with its charm.


  • Soft to touch cork handlebar grips.
  • Loaded with extra accessories like a wicker basket, rear rack, can opener.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a child to outgrow his/her bike?

Usually, it can take a couple of years for the child to outgrow their bikes. It also depends on how fast they are growing and what particular bike he/she got.

A 24-inch bike can be a great option for children who are nearing teenage. A 24-inch bike can comfortably fit children from around 4 feet 8 inches to well above 5 feet. It has plenty of room to adjust to their growing height. Also, manufacturers know about these growing requirements of pre-teens. So usually 24-inch bikes are filled with great features. Adjustable seat height is one of such features. Most 24-inch bikes have the facility for the addition of features like baskets, rear racks, raised handlebars, etc. This facility is to meet the requirements of everyday school-going children.

Suppose you are considering getting a bike for your kids. Then a 24-inch bike can be a great option.

Also, most of the manufacturers come up with different bikes with similar features. Therefore you can easily find multiple choices of similar or different products with variety in sizes. So, go for it! It is a great gift any child or adult will like.

Are coaster brakes good for kids?

A coaster brake is also called a foot brake, and it helps the child stop the bike by simply pedaling backward. You will mostly see it on a kids’ bike. The reason for using a coaster brake on kids’ bikes is because it requires very little coordination to operate it.

Here we see that the hub contains internal brake shoes fixed inside a metal shell. A clutch technology is used, allowing the hub to drive the bike forward. The clutch then disengages for braking. Rotating the pedals backward expands the brake shoes into the steel hub to slow the bike.

However, all bikes do not have coaster brakes. For the consumers’ safety, only bikes that are under 25 inches are filled with coaster brakes. 

One great feature is that you can also easily remove the coaster brake according to your convenience. If you are uncomfortable, then you can disable it by disassembling it from the bike. This will take only a few minutes, and then you are good to go.

How do I know what bike size is right for my child?

It doesn’t take long for your child to outgrow his or her bike in matters of years (sometimes even months). Most children learn with tricycles, and with few months of practice, they are easily ready to shift to bikes. Getting the right bike size can save you from spending some early bucks. This is, of course, determined by the growth rate of the children themselves.

Bike size recommendations for children

  • For children 2-4 years of age, a 12-inch bike is recommended.
  • For children 4-6 years of age, a 14-inch bike is recommended. 
  • For children 5-8years of age, a 16-inch bike is recommended.
  • For children 6-9 years of age, an 18-inch bike is recommended.
  • For children 7-10 years of age, a 20-inch bike is recommended.
  • For children 9+ years of age, a 24-inch bike is recommended.

We do have to understand that the relation between size and age may vary from person to person. This is not an absolute standard. However, it is the general standard in guiding your bike purchase for your child.

Difference between a mountain bike and a cruiser bike?

When going for bikes, knowing your terrains can help. It becomes important to choose according to the kind of usage you want.

Mountain bikes are durable bikes made for riding narrow dirt trails. Usually, we see them with flat handlebars. Their tires are wide with knobby tread or traction. You can use mountain bikes to travel on any wide variety of surfaces easily. If you plan to face some harsh conditions with your bike, then a mountain bike can be a great option. You can also use it conveniently on the road or off-road.

Cruiser bikes are usually for recreational riding on pavements and roads. They are particularly for casual riding and have an upright riding position. These bikes are large and have comfortable seats. They are great for exercising when on vacation or running everyday errands. It is a great product for everyday use: To ride downtown or to speed off to school and work. It also gives you a chilled and relaxed ride.

How long does it take to assemble a bike purchased online?

With practice, it usually takes 30 minutes to an hour. Also, most of the time, the product comes with instruction manuals and guides. Some even go to the extent of supplying customers with tools.

Customer support is a common feature provided by sellers and manufacturers. Plenty of online guides are available as well. As a thumbs rule, always check if they deliver the different parts to you. Keep an eye for wheels, pedals, handlebars, saddler, screws, and chains.

Also, if you are purchasing from a trustworthy seller like Amazon or Walmart, the chances are that it may come semi-assembled. Sometimes it comes 85% assembled. In such cases, 15-20 minutes are enough.

Some companies assemble it for you free of cost or with a few amounts in additional payment. But don’t worry, assembling your bike should be the last thing to worry about while purchasing it.


The main aim of this article is to help and guide you in selecting the best from among the options available. The thoughtfully listed buyers’ guide and reliable reviews will give you some clarity about what products you want.  

In the end, getting a bike is not just a purchase but a lifestyle choice you are making. It may be a product you are getting for someone else. In any case, you are doing the right thing.