Best Infrared Gas Grills
Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Best Infrared Charcoal Grills
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill, 22.5 Inch
Best Infrared Electric Grills
Char-Broil 20602109 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill, Red
Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill, 22.5 Inch
Char-Broil 20602109 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill, Red
Best Infrared Gas Grills
Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Best Infrared Charcoal Grills
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill, 22.5 Inch
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill, 22.5 Inch
Best Infrared Electric Grills
Char-Broil 20602109 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill, Red
Char-Broil 20602109 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill, Red

If you are someone who loves playing chefs at your parties, then you would definitely love the smoky aroma of barbequed food exuding out of the grill. There is no doubt that there is a rustic charm to the traditional grill, but the introduction of infrared grills is transforming the outdoor parties’ games. Some of the best infrared grills under $300 are equally as good as their more expensive counterparts. They are easy to handle and make weekends more thrilling for the ultimate barbeque lovers.

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More and more people are beginning to realize the convenience that infrared grills offer. With the popularity of social gatherings, grilling has become a fun tradition, not just in America but all over the world. People love barbeque not just for the delicious food it produces but also for the fun and conversations that it generates.

Although grilling is fun, it can be very messy and tedious, which is why manufacturers have started producing modern grills that are easier to use. Infrared grills are fairly new in the market but are fast becoming a favored option. Infrared grills are manufactured utilizing advanced technology to make delicious barbeque.  

In charcoal and gas grills, the food is usually cooked through heat transmission. The air inside the grill gets heated from the burning flame, and the hot air circulates around the food and cooks it. The thing about traditional grills is that the constant heat can dry out your food. However, in an infrared grill, gas or an electric element heats the grills where the food is kept and cooks the food faster while retaining more moisture.   

An infrared grill does an amazing job of retaining the maximum flavors in your meat. The design of an infrared grill is built in such a way that it captures and retains the flavor of your food. They are the new-age grills for cooking quality food at your backyard whenever you have a barbeque party.

The average infrared grills are also comparatively more convenient and more budget-friendly than the traditional grills. You might have only seen these grills in steakhouses and restaurants before, but many people have started buying it for their home due to their benefits.

Apart from saving time, infrared grills also use lesser gas or energy than traditional grills. When we talk about the flavor of your food, the food cooked in infrared grills tastes a lot better and cooks quicker. The drippings from the marinate fall on a plate and get soaked into the meat, which makes the food more delicious.  

If you are planning to add this amazing grill for your home, then the list below will provide the full guide on some of the best infrared grills under $300 in the market. In this article, we will be talking in detail about the features of each grill, which makes it unique and a great investment for your home.

Infrared grills are worth spending on as they are environmentally friendly and a better alternative than the traditional grills. Through this write-up, you will be able to know about the different features of the grills, which will help you in choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Infrared Grills Buyer’s Guide

Picking the right infrared grill can be quite confusing, especially if you are new on it. There are many standards that you need to consider before making the purchase. A smart way would be to look for reviews of the products you like and check the specifications to check if it meets your requirements.

Here is a list of things you need to consider while choosing an infrared grill for your home:

  • Portability

Look at the mobility of the grill so that you will get to know if you can easily move it around. You can easily move around a tabletop grill; however, if it’s a full-sized grill, then make sure that the bottoms have wheels attached so that you can move it as per your convenience.

  • Heat Generation

The number of burners in your grill will determine the capacity of the heat. Depending on your needs, you can prefer to choose the number of burners.

  • Construction

While you choose a grill, be sure that it is built for strength. A sturdy grill will last longer as it will be able to withstand usage. The quality of the material used in every part of the grill will determine that it lasts for years.

  • Fuel Source

Most infrared grills can run on both natural gas and propane. If you want a grill that is compatible with both fuels, then you will need to check if your grill comes with an accessory that allows you to switch between the two. Propane will be a better option if the purpose of your grill is for outdoor camping trips.

  • The capacity of the grill

These grills are available in different sizes. You can easily determine the capacity from the grilling surface area as it will let you know which size will be ideal for your requirement. A lot of top manufacturers also offer a secondary cooking surface area or burner.

  • Ignition type

The push of a button ignition system is a big plus point, and many of the top brands come with this feature. The use of an electronic ignition system removes the need to use matches or lighters.

Quality of the grill hood: The quality of the hood is an important feature as you will need enough room inside the grill for preparing larger chunks of meat. Make sure that the handles of the hood are protected, and it does not heat up when the grill is on as it can be dangerous.

Once you have become accustomed to the different components essential in your infrared grill, then you can go about determining which will best suit your needs. Listed below are some of the top-quality infrared grills available in the market today.

List of the best infrared gas grills under $300

1. Char-Broil Performance Infrared 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Image of Infrared Grill Under $300

This infrared grill makes the perfect purchase if you are looking for a medium-sized grill. The grill starts easily with the push of an electronic ignition button. Enjoy the perfect grilled food by cooking your meat in the innovative infrared char broil, which prepares your meals quicker.

The grates are made using durable materials, and it will last you a long time. The adjustable stainless steel burner provides high or low-temperature options for an even cook. With a spacious cooking space and fold-down covers, you can have memorable backyard parties with loved ones.


  • Provides even heating
  • The cooking area does not have cold spots
  • Your food will heat up and cook faster
  • The meat stays juicier


The grill grates are a little tricky to clean

2. Char-Broil Performance Infrared Gas Grill 3-Burner Cart Style with Stainless Steel

Photo of Char-Broil Performance Infrared Gas Grill under $300 3-Burner Cart Style with Stainless Steel

The Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared features a 3-burner cooking system. This infrared gas grill will make the perfect option if you are searching for a grill that provides amazing temperature control and high performance.

It comes with a spacious cooking surface, which is ideal for social gatherings. The side burner comprises of 10,000 BTU. A stainless steel shell fixed on the grill provides the ultimate space for storage. The grill is designed for mobility, so you can move it around to any place where the cooking station will be placed.


  • It has a very spacious grilling area
  • The powerful main burners produce up to 24,000 BTU heat
  • The side burner provides a convenient area for cooking vegetables and side-dishes


The assembling can be quite confusing for first-timers

3. Quick Cooking Propane Infrared Steak Grill with Foldable Dustproof Panel

Picture of Quick Cooking Propane Infrared Steak Grill with Foldable Dustproof Panel

The newest and trendiest grill in town is the GASPRO infrared propane grill, which makes you steak cook evenly within minutes. The grill is designed to cook your meat juicy and tender from the inside and crispy on the outside.

With an easy start ignition button, you can turn on the burner in seconds and start your cooking. The burner valve features infinite control settings. You can easily cook your meal in less than 30 minutes through the fast warm-up system. This infrared grill is perfect either for a small or a large cook-out party.


  • The grill rack consists of 6-notches which offers different heat temperatures for meat, veggies, and seafood
  • The front panel can be used as a table for the utensils or for freshly prepared food
  • The grill is manufactured from premium stainless steels which are easy to clean

4. Char-Broil Charbroil Infrared Grill – 2-Burner Gas Grill

Image of Char-Broil Charbroil Infrared Grill - 2-Burner Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Infrared Gas Grill is a 2-burner system that is ideal for you if you are looking for a smaller-sized grill with many features. A single push of a button can easily start up the grill. The infrared technology used in it can heat up the grill faster and more evenly for giving results to the perfectly grilled meat.

It has a sleek and modern design, which makes the grilling process a fun and convenient experience. This compact grill is perfect if you live in an apartment or have a smaller backyard. 


  • The system enclosed cabinets have lots of room for storage
  • Ignition system comes with a one-button start feature
  • The grill facilitates a side table for easy and quick preparations

5. COSTWAY Propane Steak Infrared Grill, 1500℉ of Intense Heat

Picture of COSTWAY Propane Steak Infrared Grill, 1500℉ of Intense Heat

Nothing can be better than relishing on a juicy, thick steak accompanied by good companies and amazing conversations. The Costway Propane Steak Infrared Grill is designed to give you just what you want from the perfect grill. Whether it is grilling some fresh burgers, shrimps, or steaks, this grill delivers the desired heat to give you amazing results in minutes.

Don’t be in doubt by the compact size of this grill because it is a power-loaded grill that can give you perfect grilling experience. The hose comes with enough space as a food preparation station, while the adjustable footpads make this grill perfect for anyone.


  • The heat cycling feature of the grill seals the heat and saves energy
  • Ten levels rack notches for facilitating different cooking techniques
  • Weighing only 20 pounds, it is compact and fits into any space
  • Manufactured from stainless steel and treated for rustproof
  • The front panel can also be utilized as a temporary plate

The best infrared charcoal grill under $300

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

Photo of Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

The 360 square inches cooking space of the Char-Broil Kettleman provides a big space, enough for cooking for a large group. The grill is made of rust-resistant materials with porcelain-coated grate. With a cooking grate that retains the food on the top, the heat gets evenly distributed without any issues of a flare-up.

If you want to let the extra heat out, then you can open the lid of the vent and close it anytime you want to increase the cooking temperature. The charcoal grate can be easily adjusted to bring the heat closer or away from the food which is laid on the grill. The stable two-wheel system allows you to move the grill around with convenience.


  • The lid can be used for locking the components of the grill during transport
  • A removable ash bowl in the grill is designed for less consumption of charcoal
  • The hinged lid comes with a temperature gauge which provides ease of operation and easy temperature monitoring
  • You will avail ten years of limited warranty on this grill

Best infrared electric grills under $300

1. Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro

Image of Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro

The Char-Broil Infrared Electric Grill is your divine answer for a patio and outdoor cooking experience. With a sleek design, this grill gives outstanding performance for all your cooking needs. The infrared technology offers quick heating allowing you to prepare freshly grilled meals in minutes. This patio grill comes with many features inclusive of foldable tables, designed for convenience.

The porcelain-coated cooking grate looks elegant, and it is also easy to clean. The storage rack is chrome plated while the wheels provide easy mobility. The patio bistro is the ideal choice for both small or large families.


  • Ideal for those who live in apartments which do not allow the use of charcoal or gas
  • You can enjoy evenly cooked food 
  • Treated for rust resistance and easy to clean
  • Foldable side shelves which can be used as prepping station
  • Easy to control temperature knob, storage space, and party capacity trays 


Do not open the lid often as it can lead to a quick loss of heat

2. Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

Image of Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

With its compact size, the Char-Broil Patio Bistro is the perfect solution of a grill for people living in small apartments. Like any other grills, this infrared grill lets you enjoy delicious grilled food even when you do not have a big patio or barbeque area in your home. Although this grill is small in size, it can deliver all the essential features which you require for the perfect barbeque party.

The electronic ignition is easy to light, while the two wheels on the bottom make it very portable. The propane tank is securely enclosed in the base of the grill.


  • Portable in size and can be easily stored away while not in use
  • Easy to ignite and very user friendly
  • Comes with a wide range of temperature control
  • Reasonably priced product
  • It takes only a few minutes to reach its maximum heat level


The assembling part can be quick difficult for people with no experience

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Infrared Grills

How is an infrared grill different from a traditional grill?

An infrared grill is a grilling device that uses TRU technology as its primary source of heat. It is different than the traditional charcoal or gas grill as it is designed in such a way that the flames directly heat the grate. The infrared grill uses a special infrared in its grates, charcoal, and burners, which acts as the source of the heat. This special technology also retains the natural heat more precisely, which cooks the food evenly and keeps it moist. 

The infrared grill evenly spread its heat throughout the cooking surface and provides consistent grilling temperatures throughout the grilling plate. You can also enjoy your grilled food faster when it is cooked in an infrared grill.   

How will I clean the grill grates of my infrared grill? 

Cleaning your infrared grill grates require a careful process which you need to follow in order to make your grills last a lifetime.

  • Turn off the gas supply: Begin by locating the source of the grill’s gas supply and turn off the knob, which will cut off the fuel supply. You will need to turn off the gas supply to prevent any leakage or gas build-up that can be risky.
  • Remove the grates and clean it with a brush: Add some dishwashing soap into a bucket of water and dip a wire brush into the solution. Scrub the grates and get rid of all the chunks stuck on it. Make sure that you only use a wire brush as it ensures a thorough clean.
  • Use a sponge dipped in the solution mentioned above to clean the metal plates and the burner. Scarpe away any burnt food from the bottom surface of the grill.

Place the different parts back on the grill which you had removed for the cleaning. You can now turn on the gas supply and ignite the grill to remove any moisture remains.

What can I do when there is smoke coming out of my grill?

Infrared grills generally do not emit smoke as your traditional charcoal grills, but if you see smokes coming out of the grill, then there are high chances that some sauces have dripped on it. The grill will also emit smoke due to the oil which you spray on the food. If droplets of the grease fall on the emission plate, then it tends to create smoke, so remember to clean them up before you ignite the grill.

What benefits will I get by buying an infrared grill instead of a traditional grill?

Infrared grills generally are more convenient, energy-efficient and produce more flavourful end products. Infrared grills can heat up within 3 minutes, and they have been designed to provide heat evenly by reducing cold or hot spots. Infrared grills give a faster cooking time and comparatively retains 35% more juices of your food than traditional grills. 

The infrared grills we find in the market these days offer steakhouse and restaurant-quality sears. These grills are very energy efficient as compared to general grills. The best part about an infrared grill is that, leaving the grill on high temperature for a while after the cooking turns the leftover residues into ash. This, in return, makes cleaning the grill easier for you.  

How will I light-up my infrared grill burner?

To light up the burner of the infrared grill, you will require a long match stick. All you must do is light up the matchstick and insert it in the hole of the burner and turn on the knobs. While in the case of electric grills, you need to raise the lid up and turn on the gas source. Then press/turn the ignition button of the burner. 


Infrared grills are an excellent choice for any occasion irrespective of whether you want a small one for fitting into the back of your car for your camping trips or for hosting large social gatherings. They are modern in design, consume energy efficiently, and are very safe, which is the reason why infrared grills are becoming very popular these days.

The multiple features that come with an infrared grill and its effectiveness make it very convenient for anyone to use, and the burners of an infrared grill are designed to emit heat in infrared wavelengths, which then passes through the infrared plates, allowing the food to cook precisely even.

The technology used in infrared grills makes it possible for you to cook your food faster but, at the same time producing restaurant-quality food. Many people love preparing steaks and burgers on their grills, and the best way to prepare the perfect outdoor meal is by choosing the right grill for you.