Best Overall Morphe Blending Brushes
Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSH SET (Set 686)
Most Popular Morphe Blending Brushes
Morphe x James Charles Eye Brush Set - Curated Set of 13 Full-Sized Eye Brushes for Creating Colorful, Blended Looks On-The-Go - Natural and Synthetic with a Custom Tubby
Best Price
Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush Collection with Bag
Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSH SET (Set 686)
Morphe x James Charles Eye Brush Set - Curated Set of 13 Full-Sized Eye Brushes for Creating Colorful, Blended Looks On-The-Go - Natural and Synthetic with a Custom Tubby
Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush Collection with Bag
Best Overall Morphe Blending Brushes
Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSH SET (Set 686)
Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSH SET (Set 686)
Most Popular Morphe Blending Brushes
Morphe x James Charles Eye Brush Set - Curated Set of 13 Full-Sized Eye Brushes for Creating Colorful, Blended Looks On-The-Go - Natural and Synthetic with a Custom Tubby
Morphe x James Charles Eye Brush Set - Curated Set of 13 Full-Sized Eye Brushes for Creating Colorful, Blended Looks On-The-Go - Natural and Synthetic with a Custom Tubby
Best Price
Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush Collection with Bag
Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush Collection with Bag

Just as a painter uses different painting brushes and colors to make a masterpiece on a canvas, using the best Morphe blending brushes to achieve a good-looking and long-lasting makeup is crucial.

There are hundreds of makeup influencers who come up with another million different makeup looks, and you might want to experiment with some. But if you are new to the magical world of the makeup industry, blending brushes will be your best friend to make you work it like a pro.

If you are new to the art of makeup, you need to know that one cannot simply ignore the importance of makeup brushes. For a flawless makeup finish, you need quality makeup brushes. In the beginning, we all thought we need one brush for eyes, one for cheeks, and we are good. How wrong were we? 

Cheap brushes do the job, but expensive brushes do a lot more. They are soft and gentle to your skin, giving better results in the application of makeup. You may not believe it, but investing in not-so-cheap makeup brushes help you save money. The reason being, they last longer and you don’t have to keep replacing them.

Flawless makeup needs quality tools, which is why you need to get your hands on makeup brushes that are made of superior quality materials to give you that flawless precision from subtle to glam looks.

Why do you need quality makeup brushes anyway? It is not just the satisfaction of owning makeup tools of superior grade. The fact that they give you better coverage and an even application quicker than other lower-grade quality brushes, you cannot help but spend a little more on purchasing a brush set made of better quality.

Morphe has a range of great makeup brush set that has changed the art of makeup. Here are the top five makeup brush sets from Morphe with a comprehensive guide on its features.

Why use Morphe blending brushes

Here is why Morphe blending brushes are more effective than the blending sponge or using your hands. We picked Morphe from all other blending brushes brands because while testing dozens of blending brushes sets, Morphe is by far the best brand for blending brushes on the market. Blending brushes users also gave Morphe a 5-star rating out of 5, and they lead the market with their products.

1. Less mess

Applying foundation leaves the majority of the residue on your hands. Not only does this get your hands dirty, but you could also transfer the makeup to your clothes or equipment near you. On the other hand, using a brush lets you use your clean hands to touch food or other things before rewashing them.

2. Better precision

Blending brushes come in different sizes for different parts of your face. Your fingers or blending sponge might be too thick on the creases of your eyes or to line your lips. It could smudge, and you might have to redo all your makeup, which can sometimes be tiresome. Blending brushes allow you to reach even the smallest creases and crevices of your skin to give you an evenly smooth and clear skin tone.

3. More control

Using a blending brush is like using a pencil to draw. You can control the movement and the pressure better than a blending sponge. If you want a sheer pigment, you can lightly dab the color and brush it off, or for a deeper pigment, apply more pressure and layers. 

4. Versatility

Blending brushes differ in shape, size, and functionality. With more variety, it gets easier to get more creative and create different looks. You can either combine different brushes to bring out the right amount of pigment or use a single one to create a unique and simple look. 

5. Even application

While using your fingers or a blending sponge can be tempting because they are easier to master, using a blending brush is way more effective. It’s better in attaining that airbrushed and naturally-blended look without leaving streaks. The results of using a blending brush, especially for foundation, eye shadows and blush is more polished because it does not leave harsh lines between different pigments and textures. 

For a starter, differentiating between all these brushes can seem overwhelming and confusing. 

List of The Best Blending Brushes Reviewed

1. Morphe 18-piece Vegan Variety Morphe Blending Makeup Brush Set

Image of Morphe 18-piece Vegan Variety Morphe Blending Makeup Brush Set

The Morphe 18-piece Vegan Variety Makeup brush set is suitable for both professionals and beginners. The high-quality brush is made from 100 percent vegan material that is soft on sensitive skin and gives you precise makeup coverage giving you a flawless finish.

The brushes are best used with liquid makeup but can be used with powder and cream foundation as well. This affordable set includes 18 different brushes for your cheeks, lips, and eyes that come in a beautiful black case.


  • · Great value for money
  • · Made from vegan materials
  • · Can be used with liquid, powder, and cream makeup


  • · No labels on the brush

2. Morphe 706 12-piece Black and White Travel Brush Set

Photo of Morphe 706 12-piece Black and White Travel Brush Set

This versatile makeup brush from Morphe is travel-friendly and comes with 12 brushes for all makeup purposes. Each brush is specifically designed to give a flawless finish to the different parts of the face that demand different strokes.

The set has natural brushes for powder application and synthetic brushes for liquid and cream base. The whole set includes a lip brush, blender brush, shadow fluff, angel liner brush, concealer brush, and brushes for almost every contour of your face.


  • · Easy to carry
  • · Soft bristles
  • · Ideal for beginners

3. Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush Collection

Photo of Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush Collection

Once you start using the Morphe Eye Obsessed Makeup Brush, it is guaranteed you wouldn’t want to try anything else. The brushes are made of natural and synthetic hair, which is soft to the skin and gives a precise finish.

This brush set is designed to give all strokes to give your eyes the glam it deserves. 

From blender brush and smudge brush to detail crease brush, it comes with 12 pieces of different brushes and a black faux leather bag to store them.


  • · Ideal for all styles of eye makeup
  • · Soft bristles
  • · Gentle to sensitive skin
  • · Creative application

4. Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye and Face Blending Brush Collection

Image of Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye and Face Blending Brush Collection

The Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye and Face Brush set is an iconic collection ready to sweep you off from simple to glam. This pink set is perfect for any girl’s makeup collection with seven specific brushes for your eyes and face.

The starstruck bag contains four synthetic brushes and three natural brushes, all soft and safe for any skin type. Stand out with this cute collection of brushes that will give you on-point makeup.


  • · Comes in pink color
  • · Soft and gentle for all kinds of skin
  • · Precision brushes give a smooth finish
  • · Soft but firm bristles

5. Morphe x James Charles Eye Brush Set

Picture of Morphe x James Charles Eye Brush Set

Create a flawless look with the Morphe x James Charles Eye Brush Set. This brush set comes with 13 brushes to cater to all your makeup needs and an attractive custom tubby bag ready for makeup on-the-go.

The brushes comprise of both natural and synthetic hair. The natural elements include goat hair and pony hair for that authentic, natural feel.

Each of the brushes is precise to blend and buff, giving you a glam look. The brushes help contour the nose, smudge eyes, perfectly line your eyes and lips, and apply makeup on your face with the look you desire.


  • · Comes in a fancy leather custom tubby bag
  • · Gives precise makeup results
  • · Soft bristles
  • · Ideal for full-coverage makeup


  • · Price is a bit on the higher side

6. Morphe Brush Set – Eye Blending Brush Collection With Bag

Image of Morphe Brush Set - Eye Brush Collection With Bag

If you are looking for the best blending brushes, no other brands have it together like Morphe. Morphe is a beauty brand that has been recommended and reviewed by many A-listed influencers and world-class makeup artists. It is tested and loved by international critics and fans alike. 

One of the best features of this package is the wholeness of the collection. It has all the essential brushes you will ever need to create a smokey look or the minimalist winged eye-liner and everything in between. The collection includes twelve brushes packed in a slim and matching pouch. The design is simple, with a glamorous purple accent and black tips. The bristles are synthetic, so they come at a reasonable price. 

Another outstanding feature that makes this collection beat the rest is the pointed blender brush. A lot of brands miss out on this versatile and powerful piece. Besides blending, it is just the right size for buffing and sweeping away the excess product or swirling in the right amount of pigment. The other brushes, such as the Angled Liner and the Chisel Fluff Brush, are also great for sharp and precise lines while contouring or lining.

As much as we have discussed natural bristle being more durable and better for application, it is assuring to know that Morphe doesn’t compromise in quality. So it is safe to say that the package is well worth the investment for looking your best every day.

7. Blending Morphe Brush Set 12 Piece With Bag

Picture of Morphe Brush Set 12 Piece With Bag

For someone who understands quality and specialization, the Eye Obsessed Brush Set from Morphe is another must-have. This set is particularly useful because you don’t have to go searching for the perfect brushes for your eyes anywhere else. 

This packaging saves so much time and effort and is perfect for beginners and professionals. It comes with all the 12 essential brushes that you will ever need to create different looks with your eyes.

It has the Blending Crease Brush that you can use on the creases of your eyelids to create that pigmented base and use the Pointed Packer Brush to reach the creases for precise application. The Pointed Pencil Brush is exceptionally comfortable to line the inner corners and add the perfect gleam to open up dull eyes and highlight the glow.

Another blending brush that is super comfortable to use is the Brow Highlighter Brush, which feels fluffy and light. You will never go wrong using this brush anywhere around your eyes to easily blend and build slowly. It is especially great for highlighting the brows because you need the right amount of pressure to avoid over-doing it.

8. Morphe 7 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set

Photo of Morphe 7 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set

Not expert enough to handle that many brushes but looking for quality basics? The Rose Gold Brush Set by Morphe will impress you. It has all the essential blending brushes you will ever need to apply all your makeup. It comes in a set of 7 brushes, snugly packed in a leather case that can also work as a makeup stand. 

As stated earlier, quality is not an issue when it comes to Morphe products, and this set is no exception. The rose-gold accent on the brushes is aesthetically pleasing and clean looking. 

This set is special because, unlike other collections, it has a combination of both natural and synthetic brushes. The concealer, foundation, and angled brushes are made of synthetic fiber for better control and precise application of creamy makeup. On the other hand, there is the natural bristle for the fluffy powder brush, the highlighter, eye shadow blender, and the angled blender. 

All the brushes in this set are great for applying color and diffusing any harsh lines.  For someone who doesn’t like hoarding unnecessary items, this package is just perfect because you can carry it around and set it up without worrying about creating a mess on the table or your face!

9. ROSÉ BAES Blending Brush Collection

Image of ROSÉ BAES Brush Collection

If you are all about creating the perfect base and blends using as little tools as possible, this set is one of the most versatile collections to own.

At first glance, you will notice how fluffy and luxurious each brush looks. The set of seven brushes comes in leather packaging. Each brush has a matching matte rose gold and black handle with different colored bristles. This is because the brushes are a combination of synthetic and natural fiber that works well for any type of makeup.

You will love the fluffy tapered powder brush as it effortlessly creates broad strokes with precision. The angled brush is especially good for applying bronzer or blush around the cheekbones, and you can easily blend it because it is made of natural fiber. You will also be able to achieve a flawless pigment on your creases with the synthetic slim crease brush that makes it so easy to build and blend colors.

If you have functionality, quality, and versatility in mind, this is the perfect brush set to grab right now. 

10. Morphe Complexion Crew 5-Piece Brush Collection

Photo of Morphe Complexion Crew 5-Piece Brush Collection

Are you still looking to minimize the essential blending brushes? Here is a set that will satisfy all your buffing, blending, and diffusing needs. The Complex Crew Collection of five brushes is the set you will need to complete your look or refresh your makeup anywhere. 

As soon as you open the glitzy bag, you will notice how fluffy and clean each brush looks. This is because the set is specially designed for power-based makeup such. It comprises the round buffer brush, highlight blender, angled brush, contour brush, and diffuser.

The angled contour and blush brush is probably the most effective tool in this set. It works not only as a blush applicator and contour brush, but it is also light enough to buff and sweep excess product on the face and eyes as well. 

The highlight blending brush also works well for blending out eye shadow if you don’t have a spare brush.

What’s great about this set is the minimalist approach with functionality in mind. If you have mastered the art of using a blending brush, you will probably use each brush from this collection for multiple purposes.


We spend tons of money on buying quality foundations and makeup products while compromising the brushes’ make and quality. True, some low-grade brushes may give you the desired look, but superior quality makeup brushes are something much more than just the price tags.

Before buying a set of random makeup brushes, you must check out the brush’s quality and the style of brush included in the set. You don’t want to end up with brushes you might not use. Budget is also another factor when it comes to buying the right makeup brush. Don’t just assume that expensive means the best. Every brush is designed for different styles and strokes. Go for the ones that you will be using at least once.

Every girl dreams of mastering the art of looking flawless, be it natural, matte, or shimmery makeup. This takes not just the right cosmetic products but the right makeup tools as well, which is why it is vital you choose the ideal makeup brush set that has everything you need for your look.

Buyer’s Guide – What to look for when buying Morphe blending brushes

So to ease the task of selecting the right blending brushes, here is a short guide on how to choose the best blending brushes.

1. Choosing the bristle material

Makeup brushes are either made of synthetic hair or natural fiber. The synthetic ones are Taklon, nylon, or polyester, whereas the natural fibers come from the hair of rodents like mink, rabbits and squirrels, and other animals. 

Synthetic fibers are cheaper, but they tend to get stiffer with more usage. On the other hand, natural fiber is expensive, but it is more flexible and lasts longer.

The significant difference is more about being ethical towards animal cruelty and your budget. But another factor is also the quality of bristles because natural fibers catch and release more products better than synthetic bristles, which make the application more effective.

2. Consider the type of makeup you mostly use

Blending brushes are perfect for powder-based makeup as it catches and releases the makeup without leaving too much residue, which often goes to waste. On the other hand, if you mostly use creamy products, it is better to use a sponge to get rid of excess products. 

Blending brushes work best for applying highlighter and powder. They are also best for blending eye shadow, contouring, and applying blush. 

3. Consider your skin type

While applying makeup, you mostly use products that suit your skin type. So if you have an oily face, you use powder-based or matte makeup. But if you have dry skin, you use cream-based ones. So considering your skin type, your blending brushes should also be synthetic or natural. 

Synthetic fiber brushes are a little prickly and harsh on sensitive skin, whereas natural bristles are soft and feel luxurious. The natural fiber brush is the preferred choice, but be sure you are not allergic to the animals and that it is cruelty-free.

4. Durability 

Natural bristles last longer than synthetic ones because natural hair can withstand product accumulation when used over time. Synthetic fibers tend to fall off and get stiffer, so you might need to replace it within a year or two. Both brushes need routine washing, and synthetic fiber tends to break or fall off. So even though they are cheaper, it’s clear that investing in a durable brush is smarter than purchasing a cheap often.

With those elements in mind, here are five of the most effective blending brushes you can try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a blending brush?

A blending brush is a makeup applying brush that comes in various shapes and materials. It is usually made of synthetic or natural fiber and is used by professional makeup artists as well as amateurs to make the application of makeup more relaxed and more precise.

2. What is a blending brush used for?

Blending brushes are used not just for applying makeup but for ensuring precision and variety while doing so. They are also highly efficient for adding or diffusing pigments, creating contours, and adding highlights. 

Blending brushes are also practical for combining different colors to prevent harsh lines and creating a natural transition between pigments and makeup textures. 

3. What is a tapered blending brush?

A tapered blending brush is the tiny fluffy brush that most resembles an ordinary paintbrush but with softer and full bristles. It is usually used to blend out eye shadow or disperse pigment from highlighter or blush and bronzer as lightly as possible. 

4. What brush do you use to blend contour?

To blend out contour perfectly, the Chisel Fluff Brush from Morphe Brush Glance Party collection is the perfect option. The brush is denser than the powder brush but lighter than the flat foundation brush. 

It also has a slight angle for blending on the creases to create a slimmer jawline, smaller forehead, and higher cheekbones. 

5. What is a blending eyeshadow brush? 

There are about twelve different types of eye shadow brush that makes it easier to place colors, blend, and shape different eye shadow while applying makeup.

The blending eye shadow brush is the small fluffy brush that is used to disperse pigment around the eyes to create a smooth and natural transition of colors.