If you’ve got questions on the best cut on contact broadheads, we’ve got answers! Bowhunting is a demanding and challenging experience. There is a thrill to using a bow to take your prey that a firearm can never match. We know how crucial every shot is. And that’s why the business end of an arrow is arguably the most critical part of an archery setup.

Choosing the right broadhead for your hunting setup can be overwhelming with so many options available in the market. The right tools combination is essential.

In the meantime, let’s give you the best chance of success and confidence in making the right choice for your style of hunting. The options are many, and trying to make the best pick can be downright confusing. Of all the bowhunting accessories available in the market today, cut on contact broadhead stands out as the most preferred broadhead design.

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So, what is a cut on contact broadhead? 

A cut on contact broadhead arrow is two or three blades design to position into a single, razor-sharp point. With the sharpened edges of the blade running to the tip, the advantage gain is the instant slicing on impact and the penetration lethality.

Why choose it?

This broadhead design has been around for centuries, tested across many field scenarios, and is arguably the purest form of all. The narrower head design allows superior slicing through the hide, leaving more energy in the arrow to push deeply into the animal. It requires a lesser amount of energy to deliver a lethal shot making it an ideal option for low poundage bows. 

Buyer’s Guide – What to look for when buying cut on contact broadheads

Let’s take a moment and look at the buyer’s guide to see what features to invest in wisely.  

To be informed is to be empowered. Go through this guide and discover the features and options available. We’ll run over the various specifications to consider. What matters when it comes to making a purchase that could ultimately decide your game? Make sure you weigh up these specs and features before cashing out on any new equipment.

  • Cutting Diameter

It refers to the incision or slice caused by the blade. A larger cutting diameter means more significant wounds and a better blood trail of the hunt. Note that a larger diameter blade will require more motion to generate a pass-through.

  • Aerodynamics

Getting the drag right in any hunting situation is the holy grail of bowhunting. Excelling, in this aspect of the game, is a game-changer for any bowhunter. Your blade choice will determine your kill count and point accuracy.

  • Durability

The equipment designed has to withstand the stresses of demanding use. The reusability of an arrowhead in the aftermath of a hunting game is also a factor to consider.

  • Materials

The broadhead material is a point to consider for a variety of reasons. Different materials react differently to the forces of nature when you’re hunting amidst it. They have to be durable and tough.

  • Blade Count

More blades mean more cutting surface, creating more extensive wounds, and increasing the lethality of severing arteries and penetrating the vitals. Almost all cut on contact broadheads come with two or more blade design to inflict maximum damage. A two-way blade design is ideal for low poundage bow whereas, a three or more-blade design is for heavy bow shooters.

  • Grains per inch (GPI)

Grains per inch (GPI) is the industry standard for measuring arrow weight. The lower the grain, the lighter the arrow will be. And the higher the grain, the heavier the arrow. Remember that an arrow’s weight determines its speed and drop rate.

List of the best cut on contact broadheads

Time equals money. To keep things short and straight to the point, we researched the market and prepared a list for enthusiast bowhunters like you. We are ensuring your investment to serve the best for your requirements.

Let’s get to the product reviews.

1. NAP Spitfire Mechanical 100 Grain Three Blade Cut on Contact Broadheads

Image of NAP Spitfire Mechanical 100 Grain Three Blade Cut on Contact Broadheads

Spitfire lineup is undoubtedly the most trusted name in mechanical broadheads. This NAP Spitfire Maxx is the big brother when it comes to cut on contact broadheads. A workhorse recommended by many bowhunters standing the test of time, and it continues to punch through hunting season after season. You can’t go wrong with this one.

It comes with a full 1 ¾ inch cutting diameter with three Diamize sharpened blades. It features NAP patented spring clip technology to hold the blades during flight providing field point accuracy. Equip with the trophy tip for an extra punch in larger game hunting. The flared blade design also adds to the Spitfire Maxx’s ability to leave some very impressive entry holes, making it the perfect choice for game animals of all sizes. 


  • Rock-solid reliability and durability.
  • Diamize sharpened blades.
  • 1 ¾ inch cutting diameter.
  • Field point accuracy.
  • Very stable during flight.
  • High-quality blades and materials.
  • No O-Rings or Rubber bands

2. Trophy Taker Cut On Contact Stainless Steel 125 Grain Broadheads

Picture of Trophy Taker Cut On Contact Stainless Steel 125 Grain Broadheads

For years, Trophy Taker has built a reputation for easy to install and silent arrows that are tough and engineered for accuracy and devastating penetration. The A-TAC Stainless Steel lives up to this reputation of fast, accurate, and lethal. It is definitely an ideal choice for unparalleled consistency. The blades are non-vented and machined from a single solid brick of heat-treated steel. It delivers a bone-crushing impact beyond reckoning.

The 125 Grain Broadhead features a ¾ inch cutting diameter. A single stainless steel piece slips through the ferrule and locks into place to complete the four-blade design, creating an accurate cut on contact design with 1-1/8 cutting diameter.


  • 4 Blade design.
  • Non vented blades fly quietly.
  • Razor-sharp edges.
  • Maximum penetration.
  • Concrete block stainless steel.
  • Very durable.

3. New Archery Cut On Contact Products Hellrazor 60-410 Broadheads

Photo of New Archery Cut On Contact Products Hellrazor 60-410 Broadheads

Another excellent product from New Archery Products is the Hellrazor 60-410 Broadheads that delivers accurate flight, sharpness, and durability. The Hellrazor one-piece, all stainless steel construction and cut on contact design makes it the ultimate do it all fixed blade broadhead. A photon blade bonding process joins the ferrule and blades to form a strong one-piece structure.

The structural integrity is commendable when punching through bone, thick hide, and dense muscle tissue. The Hellrazor has taken flight and sharpness to a new level that no other competitor broadheads in this category can match. It creates the ultimate user experience for flight and penetration for the ever demanding high-speed bows. It weighs 100 grain and a cutting diameter of 1-1/8 inch. 


  • Best in category sharpness.
  • True flight
  • Diamize sharpened blades.
  • 3 Blades design.
  • Photon blade bonding

4. SIK F-4 Blade Cut on Contact Fixed Blade Broadhead

Image of SIK F-4 Blade Cut on Contact Fixed Blade Broadhead

This SKI F-4 fixed blade broadhead weighs only 100 grains. Design for ultimate supremacy in flight and accuracy. It features a 27-degree razor-sharp blade angle, producing a 1.35 cutting diameter and a 3.350 cutting surface. The technologically organized four-blade design are all laser-welded stainless steel and does not settle for anything less in terms of penetration and field point accuracy with enormous punching impact.

This SKI F-4 fixed blade broadhead intent to seek and destroy and the best part about this product is that it is affordable.


  • Laser welded blade construction
  • 4 Blade design
  • Elite level penetration
  • High blade quality materials
  • Lightweight


  • Struggle with long-distance accuracy.

5. NAP Killzone Mechanical Broadhead 125 Grain Two Blade 2” Cutting Diameter Cut on Contact

Picture of NAP Killzone Mechanical Broadhead 125 Grain Two Blade 2” Cutting Diameter Cut on Contact

The revolutionary NAP Killzone Mechanical Broadhead features NAP legendary blade sharpness along with its ultra-strong construction. Sharp blades provide maximum knockdown power and finish the job in no time. The precise, tailored mechanical blade always opens when it hits an animal and never opens in flight. It will easily stay closed when placing your arrow into a quiver or even if it shook violently.

It features a rear deploying two mechanical blade broadhead that packs a devastating 2 inches cutting diameter.


  • NAP patented spring clip technology for blade retention
  • Wide 2 inch cutting diameter
  • No O-Rings or Rubber bands
  • Super Sharp blades.
  • Less susceptible to wind drag


  • The ferrule is a construct of aluminum and not steel, which can cause wear and tear issues.

6. RAGE NC X – Treme COC Cut on Contact

Photo of RAGE NC X – Treme COC Cut on Contact

Rage continues to lead to the evolution of lethal technology. This new broadhead series incorporates the new NC (No Collar) technology, which uses finger like taps to remove the need for a shock collar. Perhaps no other cut on contact broadhead puts more blood on the ground than RAGE NC X-Treme with its most extreme 2.3 cutting diameter.

The two stainless steel blades with a cut on contact design create a devastating entry hole with exceptional penetration. With mechanical broadheads, flight and accuracy are not a concern due to their slim design. The Rage NC X –Treme has also set the standards higher in quality with their super formidable 6061-T6 aircraft anodized aluminum ferrule. 


  • 2.3-inch cutting diameter
  • No collar (NC) blade retention system
  • 100 grains
  • High-grade build material
  • Extremely lethal

7. Wasp SharpShooter 100 Grain Cut on Contact Broadhead

Image of Wasp SharpShooter 100 Grain Cut on Contact Broadhead

If you want to spend your hard-earned money on something you can count on for years, the Wasp SharpShooter cut on contact broadhead is the product worth paying attention to. Construct for toughness and deep penetration impact. Wasp incorporated a locking system that uses the hardened steel blade to align itself to the ferrule. This ingenious construction design reduces defective arrow flight and yields more aerodynamic capabilities to the Wasp SharpShooter broadhead.

The standout feature is the reinforced tip, which greatly increases the durability of the blade. The SharpShooter broadhead has a 1-inch cutting diameter. You can count on superior accuracy and durability even during hard bone impact with this weapon.


  • Deep penetration
  • Robust built quality and materials
  • Reinforced Tip for more durability
  • Self- aligning blade locking system

8. New Archery Products 3-Pk Killzone, Cut on Contact 2-inch Broadheads

Picture of New Archery Products 3-Pk Killzone, Cut on Contact 2-inch Broadheads

Another great product from the NAP line-up is Pk Killzone, crafted for those who hunt big animals. The Killzone cut on contact broadhead may be the next big thing for you. Weighing only 100 grains, this speed horse will go for the kill instantly. It comes with two bone-crushing blades and a chisel-style Trophy Tip, which packs a devastating 2-inch cutting diameter. For bowhunters who prefer large broadheads, that means huge entry wounds and good blood trail.

The Killzone uses NAP unique spring-clip design, ensuring your blades won’t open in flight or your quiver, making it a comfortable option for any bowhunter.


  • Rock-solid reliability and durability.
  • Fatal 2-inch cutting diameter.
  • Field point accuracy.
  • No O-Rings or Rubber bands
  • NAP unique spring-clip design technology
  • Equipped with chisel style trophy tip

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fixed blade or mechanical broadheads better?

This never-ending debate is old and tiring to see repeated over and over again every hunting season. We focus on the essential characteristic of both fixed and mechanical broadhead types and rest the case for you to make up your mind.

Fixed blade broadheads are associated with reliability and deep impact, with the main drawback being accuracy. On the other hand, Mechanical broadheads are associated with supreme cutting, extensive blood trails, and field point accuracy while lacking durability.

However, it all depends on the bowhunter’s preference for small or big game hunting at the end of the day.

What grain broadheads should I use?

One of the most common questions bowhunters ask is, what grain broadhead should I use? This is a relatively simple question to answer. Keep in mind that the lesser the grain number, the lighter the head. The higher the grain, the heavier the head. There is a wide array of grains from 75 grains to the heaviest we’ve seen – 500-grain heads. A lighter head is fast, but a heavier head is silent yet very lethal. 

What are some Safety Guidelines while using cut on contact Broadheads? 

One key feature of all the high-quality broadheads is the sharpness. The danger of hunter injury is serious from all these razor-sharp broadheads. Make sure to use a wrench when securing the broadhead to an arrow shaft. Always sharpen the blades by ensuring that the movements aren’t toward your hands or body. Cover the broadheads while carrying your hunting gear around. Loose parts lost in the game may cause injuries, so bowhunters should take observed extreme precautions.

What is the reusability of a cut in contact broadheads?

Yes, broadheads are reusable. But, before reusing it, you should inspect them to make sure they are in good working order. Check your broadheads to make sure that it is not damaged while out hunting. If your arrow does get damaged, they are reasonably easy to repair, and if not, you can always salvage some of the parts to use in crafting a new arrow.